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At InEduverse, we recognize that each student’s aspirations and goals are unique. We offer comprehensive university selection services, leveraging our extensive network of partner institutions worldwide.

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We tailor university choices to match your unique goals and dreams.

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Benefit from our vast network of partner institutions across the globe.

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Counseling and assistance center.

Profile Evaluation

You will find our counseling sessions really beneficial when it comes to making top-notch academic decisions that vibe with your career goals.

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Course, Country & University selection

We aid you in selecting the perfect study program, educational institution, and country that flawlessly matches your professional aspirations and academic interests.

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Application Assistance

Choose the perfect intake, sling your applications at the right courses and colleges, and you’ll be bagging offers before you know it.
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Visa Assistance / Interview Prep

Our experienced visa professionals are here to assist you in the preparation and presentation of your visa documents to Embassies and High Commissions, ensuring swift and successful visa outcomes in minimal time.
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Empowering dreams, expanding horizons with InEduverse

InEduverse is a leading education consultancy firm dedicated to assisting students in fulfilling their dreams of pursuing higher education abroad. With a strong commitment to personalized guidance and comprehensive support, InEduverse aims to empower students to make well-informed decisions about their academic and professional future.

Our Vision

At InEduverse, we imagine a world where any student can effortlessly navigate their path to global education, with us as their comprehensive aid every step of the way.

Our Mission

Driven by our objective of facilitating students overseas education dreams, we are committed to being the one-stop solution, making global education a reality for every aspiring student.


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Students can effortlessly and conveniently book virtual counseling sessions at their preferred times via our online scheduling tool for virtual counseling.


We offer exceptional mentorship and guidance to every student who joins us, ensuring they leave with great satisfaction and a smile on their face.


Our core principle is to provide unwavering support to students from the start, leveraging the expertise of our exceptional team of counselors.


Our goal is to provide students embarking on their overseas education journey with unwavering reliability and confidence at every step.

High achievers, armed with great education and exposure to diversity, have the world as their canvas to paint their dreams upon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each foreign university or college operates on its own academic calendar, with some offering two intaks, while others have three, one, or even a rolling intake system throughout the year. Typically, most institutions within a specific country adhere to the same intake schedule. Therefore, it is advisable to commence the admission process for your desired intake at least one year in advance. In certain instances, you may even start these preparations 3-4 months ahead of time.
Each university has its specific eligibility criteria, typically includes minimum academic prerequisites, English language proficiency standards, entrance test prerequisites, and relevant work experience, among other criteria’s. Your educational counselor can assist you in identifying suitable programs based on your unique qualifications.
The permission to work depends on the specific program's duration and type. Your eligibility to work will be indicated in the immigration stamp within your passport. International students can engage in part-time work for up to 20 hours per week during term days and full-time during holidays. Many educational institutions offer a 'Job shop' service to facilitate part-time job searches for students. Job vacancies are also commonly advertised in newspapers and on online platforms. In most cases, employers will request your resume, and occasionally, they may conduct interviews as part of their recruitment process.
Securing a student visa is possible with the right documentation. A significant number of applicants from India are granted visas when they submit a confirmed acceptance offer from a foreign university or college, along with proof of financial backing to cover tuition fees and living expenses.
You have two options for obtaining the Visa application form: you can obtain it from the Consulate, or you can opt to collect it through your education counselor.
While there isn't a fixed upper limit for the funds you need to present during your Visa Interview, it's recommended to display a slightly higher amount than what's strictly necessary to cover your expenses abroad.

An International Degree Paves the Path to Global Opportunities

In today’s globalized world, an international degree serves as a passport to a brighter future. It opens doors to a wide range of global opportunities, allowing students to gain exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives. With an international degree, students can access a broader job market, enhance their language skills, and build a global network, all of which contribute to a promising future.